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1.What is the disposable arm protectors? Disposable arm protectors could be the double protection after you wear the disposable clothing. It is the special disposable arm covers that could prevent any liquids spray, even the chemical infiltration, etc,. It is not only protecting your elbows and also your wrists very well. 2.What is the specification of disposable arm protectors? 3.What other fabrics for making disposable arm protectors? Besides the regular non woven fabrics, like spunbond polypropylene, polyethylene, SMS, etc,. Disposable arm protectors could be made of microporous laminated material, SMMS material, even the PVC fabric. According to the used environments, we can make any kinds of non woven materials for disposable arm protectors to meet different working levels. 4.What other products to use together with disposable arm protectors? Usually, wearing disposable arm protectors, you should wear the disposable gloves at the mean time when you are in lab or food plants, etc,. Of course, you have to ensure wearing the disposable clothing with or without sleeves to protect your whole body completely.China Disposable Protective Sleeves suppliers website:

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