Living with Acromegaly

Living with acromegaly is not always easy. There will be times of frustration, anger, fatigue and sadness that you will have to deal with-along with the other events going on in your life.

This section of true-2-me is a place for you to find comfort in knowing you are not alone. Here, you will find Personal Stories from people living with acromegaly, an Ambassador Network with contact information and Ambassador profiles, and a Discussion Guide to help prepare you for your next appointment with your doctor.

It’s so important to have support and feel empowered to take charge of your health and understanding of acromegaly. That’s why true-2-me is here.

In-person Support Groups:

Atlantic Acromegaly Support Group

  • The group meets twice a year and is coordinated through the Halifax Neuropituitary Program at Dalhousie University. Contact Lisa Tramble, RN, at 902-473-7409.

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